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14. ETHNO PORT POZNAŃ \ DJ Empe – Hello Earth – worldbeat event

Before the night comes, DJ Empe will present world music on his radio show on the Poznań ether. After sunset, he walks into the clubs and on festival stages to deliver a solid dose of party worldbeat. In his original project "Halo Ziemia!" ("Hello Earth"), he uncompromisingly mixes Balkan beats, electro tzigane, nuevo flamenco, Afro-Cubano, reggaeton, bhangra, Colombian cumbia, Bulgarian chalga, Romanian manele, Asian underground, ethno rap and kuduro. On top of all this, he adds classic folk themes presented in a club-like style.

DJ EMPE has performed at the biggest world music festivals in Poland, including Ethno Port, Skrzyżowanie Kultur (Cross Culture), Globaltica, Pannonica, Folkowisko, "Z Wiejskiego Podwórza" ("From the countryside") Festival, Etno Kraków (Ethno Kraków). After club concerts of top Polish ethno/folk bands, he also plays at the after parties. It's time for a global party without passports, tickets and limits!