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This year's Ethno Port Festival will be dominated by the hope that the worst is behind us. Although the experience of the last year showed us that one cannot be one hundred percent sure of anything, we believe in the lucky star of the festival. We believe that we will be able to meet and listen to music together. We believe that artists from Africa, Asia and Europe will come to Poznań and play concerts that all of you will remember for many years.

As usual, we have arranged the Ethno Port 2021 programme in such a way as to illustrate the richness of traditional music genres and show the multiple colours of the world that continues to fascinate us all. The two festival stages will be energetic and atmospheric, loud and quiet, joyful and reflective. And in the audience, as always during Ethno Port, the atmosphere will be nice, friendly and warm.

Listening to the world together, we will not only discover new melodies, rhythms and sounds but we will also focus on alarming problems that can only be solved through the joint efforts of everyone on the planet. Forms of activism in the fight against the consequences of global warming and the impact of climate catastrophe on human rights will be the topic of two meetings. As usual, there will be some attractions for the youngest participants of the festival as well as music, rhythm and dance workshops.

See you on the first weekend of September at CK ZAMEK in Poznań!

Tickets and passes are available online here