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Listening to the world together, we will not only discover new melodies, rhythms and sounds but we will also focus on alarming problems that can only be solved through the joint efforts of everyone on the planet. Forms of activism in the fight against the consequences of global warming and the impact of climate catastrophe on human rights will be the topic of two meetings.

Polish Sign Language interpreters: Eunika Lech, Joanna Mitschke-Mazur

conducted by: Maria Krześlak-Kandziora
meeting also broadcast on Facebook: ck zamek, ethno port poznań and zamek czyta
induction loop available

Climate catastrophe is happening before our eyes, here and now. Global warming is affecting every region of the planet; many changes are becoming impossible to reverse, and with the recent release of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is hard not to think of the future in apocalyptic terms.
How not to give in to catastrophic thinking? Do our individual consumer choices make sense? Is there anything else we can do?
We would like to invite you to a conversation with Tomasz S. Markiewka, the author of the book published a few months ago, entitled "Zmienić świat raz jeszcze. Jak wygrać wojnę o klimat" (Czarna Owca).
Proposed solutions to any problem depend on how we define it: Markiewka writes that we must start by realising that the climate crisis is mostly a political problem: "First, we are in such a dramatic situation because of the political neglect of previous decades. Second, the consequences of this neglect will be political: mass migration, poorer quality of life, and social protests. Third, the solution to global warming lies in politics, no matter how much we may wish to bypass that politics by relying on market mechanisms, experts, or innovation."
Therefore, he further claims that we need more politics, understood as social engagement, collective action for the common good, activism. As the publisher writes "we have already seen the politics the author urges us to do in practice many times. Thanks to it, slavery was abolished, women's suffrage was granted, and battles for human and minority rights were won. Revolutions were conducted, and men and women changed the world over and over again. We just need to change it one more time."
After the meeting, at 1:30 p.m., we will show a documentary on the thoughts and experiences of teenage climate activists from all over Poland entitled "Nadzieja umiera ostatnia" [Hope dies last]. The film was made by the authors of "Można panikować!" [You can panic]
5th September at 12 p.m. Pałacowe Cinema / admission: free tickets to be collected at the ticket office of CK ZAMEK


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