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14. ETHNO PORT POZNAŃ \ Cimbalom Brothers (Hungary)

The instrumental line-up of the Cimbalom Brothers is a variation of the traditional set used in the Gypsy bands of Hungary. The bass and guitar sections provide the rhythmic-harmonic foundation of the musical construction, and they are cared for by László Lisztes and Gergő Unger. The melodies are daringly played by their brothers, Jenő Lisztes and Balázs Unger, the latter being called the Chuck Berry of this instrument.

The duo of Balázs and Jenő is an example of how spectacular communication through musical language can be. Their cimbalom instruments support each other, make colourful comments, sometimes leave each other sound space in order to break off for a virtuoso duel and finally unite in precise unisono.

The Cimbalom Brothers borrow melodies, among others, from great masters of the cimbalom such as the famous Aladár Rácz. They compose, arrange, and draw on dance repertoire from all over Hungary. Their music is characterised by incredible energy, it is insanely fast, fiery and virtuosic. The members of the band, as they themselves admit, have one goal: to show the world how charming playing the cimbalom can be.

Balázs Unger (cimbalom)
Jenő Lisztes (cimbalom)
Gergő Unger (guitar)
László Lisztes (double bass)

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