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14. ETHNO PORT POZNAŃ \ Wernyhora (Poland)

Wernyhora's music takes a form that reflects the diversity and balance of the Eastern Carpathian landscape and the pastoral culture that coexists with it. It contains all-embracing mountain tranquillity and space, but also the liveliness and vigour of the Boykos, Lemkos and Hutsuls inhabiting the Carpathians, whose musical traditions are the foundation of the band's work.

The members of Vernyhora often immerse themselves in the vast archives and materials of Oskar Kolberg in order to revive forgotten songs of Rusyn-Ukrainian origin. Daria Kosiek, through her unusually suggestive singing, refers in the songs to the archetypes, enchanted in the folk narrative, that have functioned for centuries.

The band is co-founded by Maciej Harna, a long-standing leader of the Orkiestra Jednej Góry Matragona, a musicologist, musician and one of the most important popularisers of the hurdy-gurdy in Poland. The archaic sound of the group is the responsibility of Anna Oklejewicz, who plays the violin, viola da gamba and vielle, an instrument of old, medieval origin.

Maciej Harna (hurdy-gurdy)
Daria Kosiek (vocals)
Anna Oklejewicz (vielle, viola da gamba)
VJ Tonda Kinoko (visualisations)

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