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LITTLE ETHNO / Cuda Wianki

conducted by Marianna Oklejak

13:00 -15:00 Exhibition Hall

Cuda Wianki are a visual arts workshop inspired by Cuda wianki. Polski folklor dla młodszych i starszych by Marianna Oklejak (Egmont Poland). The book, winner of the 2015 Graphic Book of the Year Award, comprises 36 plates organized in accordance with the logic of seasons and rhythm of life. The narratives include happy love, wedding or birth of a child, but there is also love’s disappointment and the sadness of parting. Also, there are humorous characterizations of human types and their behaviours, sounds of folk melodies and a template of a horse, enabling children to play around with coloured pens or decorations, or create an animated shadow theatre.
Marianna Oklejak is an illustrator and co-author of books for children. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, from which she graduated with honours. In 2015, Oklejak won the IBBY-Polish Section Book of the Year competition for Cuda wianki. Polski folklor dla młodszych i starszych.

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