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LITTLE ETHNO / The Garden of tales

conducted by Magdalena Garczarczyk and Xenia Starzyńska

11:00 -13:00 Exhibition Hall

During this meeting children will peek into the various nooks of a garden, to search for tales and legends. Then, together, they will plant various plants, creating extraordinary surroundings filled with colours and smells.
Magdalena Garczarczyk is passionate for all kinds of activities co-created with children: story-telling, forest walks, urban gardening on any scale and exploring unusual tastes. Garczarczyk organizes horticultural, nature-oriented, and culinary workshops and events for adults and children.
Xenia Starzyńska may sing, dance or play instruments, but most of all she loves telling tales, fables and legends originating from different parts of the world. For a number of years now, Starzyńska has conducted workshops in spatial education and traditional culture for children, adolescents and adults.

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