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ZAMEK Culture Centre resides in one of the most extraordinary edifices of Poznań. The former imperial castle was built in 1910 and since then it has served a variety of functions. Visitors can learn about its eventful history in the course of several types of guided tours and lectures. We introduce our guests to the changing fates of that singular witness to the turbulent history of the 20 th century. It is our ambition to make the tale of our seat a compelling lesson for all age groups and inspire artists to speak about it through art. We encourage everyone to become acquainted with the abundant range of history-related educational activities available at CK ZAMEK.

How can the castle be visited?
Once a month, the visitors may partake in the SUNDAY AT THE CASTLE, when visitors may attend an open lecture and tour the castle with a guide free of charge. Also, a night tour of the castle takes place once a month. It is an extended version of the usual guided tour, with a limited number of visitors. From April to October, our programme also includes special tours of the cellars and attics.

Additionally, every type of tour may be booked with our guides on the following telephone number: 61 64 65 288 or at
Tour prices:
‒ guided tours ‒ PLN 100 in Polish / PLN 150 in a foreign language – fee for a group of up to 70 persons;
‒ night guided tour – PLN 450 in Polish/foreign language ‒ fee from a group of up to 70 persons;
‒ Cellars & Attics tours (from April to October) – PLN 375 in Polish/foreign language - fee for a group of up to 15 persons;