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ZAMEK Culture Centre happens to be found in the heart of the city, in St. Martin street. For many years, we have been involved in local revitalisation efforts, as the area faces multiple issues. On October the 1 st , people celebrate the International Music Day, filling the street to dance to Martin’s Rhythms. On November 11th each year, everyone is invited to the street’s Name Day, which is a well-established tradition of honouring the national holiday. Before Christmas, it is time for St. Nicholas’ in St. Martin. Still, we remain active on an everyday basis. We have organized several dozen animation and educational events, as well as debates, meetings and presentations, all under the joint heading of ST. MARTIN ZONE. We are aware that the space of the street calls for changes, while the way it is thought about needs to be revised and re-evaluated. We do try to show the cultural, aesthetic and historical potential of the street, at the same time inviting people to contribute to an open debate.


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