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Félix Lajkó Trio / HUNGARY

Felix Lajko is both a versatile and an uncompromising artist. The Hungarian virtuoso of violin and zither, composer and actor in one feels free to explore any convention, from traditional and film music to jazz, while retaining the unique style and freshness of expression. Lajko’s pieces take a path between melancholy and trance, between self-control and wild exuberance, between the form laid down by tradition and utter improvisation.
After recent collaboration with pianist Balázs János and experiments with symphonic music, Lajko returned to the roots with his 2016 album entitled Most Jöttem (Now I Have Come). The release is filled with songs and music which were clearly inspired by the traditional culture of Vojvodina, a region in northern Serbia where Lajko was born and raised. That was where he was exposed to and soaked up the music of numerous ethnic and religious groups inhabiting the area: the Roma, Romanians and, naturally, Hungarians.
Lajko admits that he does not approach music from the standpoint of styles and genres but possibilities inherent in the instrument; in his native region, the fiddle tradition is almost second to none. Violin players have always been admired there, especially the Gypsy fiddlers who wielded the bow in such a way that sparks were flying. The strength of the fiddle is also reflected in the legends, in which it became an instrument possessed of frenzied, demonic power, an otherworldly one or serving to communicate with the other side, putting the player, listeners and dancers alike into a trance.

Lajkó Félix – violin, zither
Brasnyó Antal - viola
Csobán Gergő - double bass