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Yegor Zabelov

An accordionist from Belarus, Yegor Zabelov is a musician and composer utterly devoted to exploring the possibilities of his instrument of choice – and often reaching their very limits. In his hands, the accordion becomes a tool for creating mystical experiences during performances reminiscent of a musical ritual.
Zabelov draws on distinctive models in both his compositional technique and playing style. He makes no secret of his inspirations with the works of American minimalist Philip Glass, Estonian avant-garde musician Arvo Pärt and Finnish accordion virtuoso Kimmo Pohjonen (whom the Poznań audience likely vividly remembers from his phenomenal 2008 Ethno Port concert).
Yegor Zabelov's extraordinary music comprises strong melodic themes, virtuosic hypnotic ostinatos, as well as blunt, protracted and electronically processed chords. Dramatic and poignant, his work seems to perfectly reflect the nature of today's troubled times.