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Super Parquet

Super Parquet hails from Auvergne, a region in central France renowned for its rich musical tradition. The quartet's artistic work is focused on local versions of the popular schottische, archaic open-chain farandole, as well as bourrée, which is known for its Baroque suite. However, instead of experiencing their classic variants, listeners get to enjoy these dances in a psychedelic form, diving deep into a rabbit hole of electronic trance.
Although unusual, the music retains its traditional timbre thanks to the use of the cabrette – a regional form of a small bagpipe. What makes the cabrette stand out among similar instruments is its interchangeable pipes, which allow the player to rapidly change the key. The bagpipe sound is further complemented by a contrasting, metallic tune of the banjo.
The third instrument used by Super Parquet is the boite à bourdon (literally "bourdon box" or "bumblebee box") and its structure is certainly as intriguing as its name. It is a custom-built hurdy-gurdy and shruti box hybrid plugged into a complex sound system using an electronic attachment. Enriched with various effects, the sound of the boite à bourdon gives Super Parquet's music a one-of-a-kind character.