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Justin Adams & Mauro Durante

Justin Adams is a producer, composer and guitarist with a recognisable style, in love with Mediterranean and North African music. One summer he attended the Notte della Taranta festival in the charming Italian town of Melpignano, where he befriended Mauro Durante - drummer and violinist, leader of the group Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino - known to Poznań audiences from the 2013 Ethno Port.

Mauro invited Justin to explore the musical micro-world of his home region of Salento. For the British artist it became a perfect opportunity to experiment with various forms of tarantella, fast triple dances which have a considerable importance in the local culture. They were once considered the best cure for hysteria resulting from a tarantula bite.

In the work of the British-Italian duo, the trance rhythms of the local variant of tarantella called pizzica meet with original guitar riffs inspired by rock, boogie and desert blues from the Sahel. The result is minimalist in form, yet wild and thrilling.