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The Sero

The Sero consists of four talented and thoroughly educated representatives of the youngest generation of Korean musicians. Their original compositions are performed using singing techniques passed down through generations and playing traditional instruments such as ajaeng and gayageum.

The sound of the long bowed zither of ajaeng is harsh and rough, but also full, rich and very distinctive. Equally uncommon is the sound of the gayageum, a plucked zither that has been present in South Asian history for probably over two thousand years. It owes its interesting colour, among other things, to the paulownia, a beautiful tree from which it is made, otherwise known as the oxygen tree.

Through the distinctively leaning vibrato of both instruments, The Sero's music oscillates in a completely unexpected way around the cores of intriguing melodies and follows an unobvious path behind the pulse set by the gongs and the Korean drum kit. The artistic output of the Asian quartet is, on the one hand, deeply rooted in tradition, just like the roots of the aforementioned paulownia, and on the other hand, just like this plant, it grows quickly, revealing itself in compositions that constantly redefine the sound art of Korea.