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I wake up, brush my teeth, make coffee, do the dishes, water the plants, and pour water for the birds. Then, I cook dinner and do the laundry. In the evening, I take a shower and put a glass of warm water on the bedside table. Water is everywhere. Yet Poland is the second European country, after Belgium, to have the smallest freshwater resources in Europe. Do I have a right to it? What is the right to water? "What does it really mean? How is it understood in different countries and communities? Does this right involve an obligation imposed on the state to secure an adequate amount (how many litres?) of water for its citizens? Should water be available for free? In what amount? Does the right to water belong to the group of social or political rights? is it hard enough to cite before international authorities, or is it just the so-called soft law arising from international resolutions and recommendations? Finally, who has this right - only individuals (natural persons) or, for example, transnational corporations (legal persons) as well? There are many more similar questions." We will try to ask them all and find at least one answer during the Readers on Climat as part of the Ethno Port Poznań festival.
(Quote taken from the book: "Prawo do wody. W perspektywie politycznej, gospodarczej i społecznej”, edited by: Farhana Sultana, Alex Loftus, translated by: Katarzyna Makaruk, published by: PAH)

Readers on Climat are meetings for people who want to deepen their knowledge on ecology and climate changes as well as related economic and social aspects. We would like to invite you to an open reading meeting that will be organised during the Ethno Port Poznań Festival. A week before the event, we will publish a list of texts that will be presented at the meeting by volunteers. Then, we will move on to the discussion. The meeting will be supervised by a moderator, and participants may participate in the discussion or just come to listen to others.

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