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The latest news from Ukraine has been overwhelming. The cruelty, death and violence are overpowering and shatter the comfort of a safe life. They terrify, awakening a sense of our helplessness in the face of evil. They also provoke the following questions: Is this the right time to celebrate and have fun together? Is it appropriate to engage in an activity other than helping our neighbors?

Having considered the pros and cons, we came to the conclusion that inviting the public to the next ETHNO PORT is the right thing to do. Our Festival has never been a simple collection of concerts. Its meaning and message lie much deeper, based precisely on those values against which the war is being waged across our eastern border. After all, there is no room for otherness and diversity in the world of aggressors, where it is impossible to be free, open and curious about foreign and equally respected cultures.

The fight against „putinisation”, which is present in our everyday life and does not necessarily manifest itself in direct violence, is our responsibility. So does the fight against hate speech filled with contempt and in defence of basic human rights, including the right to free and unfettered artistic creation.


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